Corporate policy Allresist

Based on our business model and strategy, Allresist developed with the involvement of all partners a corporate policy which is targeted at an economic and environmentally compatible product development and manufacturing. This policy determines specific and quantitative quality and environmental goals which, in turn, are a source for our continuous improvement process. In our corporate vision, the business policy finds its expression:

Visionary concept, mission and values

Visionary concept

In 2015, ALLRESIST is the No. 1 for innovative customer-specific photoresists and a globally established producer of e-beam resists. Our increasing market success is due to our highly inspired staff members and to excellent customer partnerships.

Mission for our customers

ALLRESIST is an independent manufacturer of resists for optical and electron beam lithography and develops, produces and distributes:

  • standard resists for basically all applications
  • process-adapted resists according to specific customer demands
  • innovative developments for novel technologies.

Offering highest-quality products at fair prices manufactured with attention to environmentally relevant aspects and an individually tailored consulting, we achieve high customer benefits.

In our effort to equally create satisfied customers and staff members, we establish and maintain per-sonal and long-lasting relationships to secure our sustainable economic, ecological and social success.

In the sense of continuous improvement, we are developing further into an enterprise of excellence which is based on commitment, performance, sustainability and humanistic corporate culture. In this respect, we would like to serve as role model and a source of inspiration for other enterprises.

Core value

With our innovative products, we provide the best possible solution and greatest benefit for our customers. Having a clear vision and a target-oriented management, we constantly motivate our competent and competitive staff members to optimize processes and to (over)fulfill customer expectations. Sustained economic success, continuous improvement and secure high-quality jobs are the basis for our activities:

  1. We support our customers on their way to more success and manufacture on demand custo-mized products on a high scientific and technical level for a prosperous customer relationship.
  2. We respond promptly and flexibly to customer and market requirements and inspire our customers with competence, creativity, friendliness and qualified service.
  3. We appreciate the individuality of our employees and ensure equal opportunities for everyone. We treat everyone fairly and with respect, support each other and cultivate an open, trusting dialogue with our employees and all partners.
  4. We encourage our staff members to improve competence and performance on their way to become business partners and share our economic success.
  5. We identify with the company’s principles, act proactively as well as quality- and cost-consciously, adhere to agreed aims and deadlines, and consider mistakes as an opportunity for improvement.
  6. We commit ourselves on our way to excellence to meet the demands of integrated management and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

We act responsibly towards employees and the environment and support our customers in their endeavor to utilize and process our products in a safe and environmentally sound manner. We regard our compliance with all legal obligations and demands as minimum requirement and aim at a higher level of security, health and environmental protection.