History of the Allresist GmbH


The ALLRESIST GmbH was founded by Brigitte and Matthias Schirmer on 16. October 1992 with the intention to preserve and successfully further develop the world-class resist know-how of the former “Fotochemische Werke” in our own innovative company together with highly specialised colleagues from resist research and resist production.

Roots of Allresist

The roots of Allresist GmbH go back to the sixties. In the “Fotochemische Werke Berlin” (ORWO), research projects were initiated for the development of photocopy lacquers. Already in 1965, the first negative-working photoresist on the basis of cinnamates was used for the production of transistors. In the seventies, development efforts were intensified and the research department expanded to 100 staff members. A new production facility for large-scale production was established in 1987, and improved versions of resists produced in this facility are still offered by Allresist today.

After attempts to privatise the resist production in 1992 failed, the department was closed down. The only possible way to preserve the extraordinarily large resist know-how was the founding of a new, small, and highly productive company – Allresist GmbH.

Company Establishment and Business Model

In January 1993, Allresist started its business activities with a standard production range. In parallel, first customer-oriented resists were already under development and soon thereafter, a number of scientific projects were initiated which quickly resulted in novel and improved products.

Today we offer in addition to the standard product range also a broad range of user-specific and process-adapted resists which we develop in close cooperation with our customers according to their requirements. In combination with a highly individual technology consulting, we meet our customers at the point where our resist know-how is needed. Our flexible approach to the customer’s needs plus efficient production technologies allow a fast product availability and result in very customer-friendly short delivery times of 2 days, smallest packaging units of 100 ml, 30 ml test samples as well as an individual advisory service until each problem is solved. This successful trio of close customer relationship, a high level of specialisation in technology-related customer demands and a customer-friendly service are our unique selling points which solidified the market leadership of Allresist in this niche in the last couple of years – and brought us definitely closer to our vision.

The combination of innovation and cooperation with like-minded peers creates synergistic effects and secures the continuing success of Allresist and its straightforward orientation on the market. The small customer base which we took over at the foundation of the company steadily increased to up to 600 customers today. Our annual growth in sales amounts to approximately 15 – 20%.

This continuity of our development is also mirrored by the meanwhile threefold number of standard products, a broad range of custom-made products, and our intense research activities. So far, we have successfully completed 32 grant-aided projects with our cooperation partners.

We furthermore closely work together in scientific projects with our cooperation partners. Many innovative resists are new in-house developments for future technologies in micro system technology or electron beam lithography with high efficiency and high resolution like e.g. CSAR 62, our e-beam resist developed in 2013, which was award-winning in 2014.

Visions and Guiding Principle

The vision of the founder team to provide “RESISTS for ALL Applications” is reflected by the name of the company ALLRESIST and later gave rise to the leitmotif “Innovation and creativity – customer-specific resists”.

In 2007, we substantiated our corporate strategy and our guiding principle with sharpened vision emerged: “In 2015, Allresist will be number one for innovative customer-specific photoresists and a globally established producer for e-beam resists. We achieve a growing market success with enthusiastic employees and excellent partnerships with our clients”.

Together with our employees, we defined our fundamental values and a mission for our customers which is described in detail in our quality and environmental policy.

This development was accompanied by the introduction of the EFQM model for Excellence. In 2008, Allresist already received an award at the regional Quality Award BBB and 2009 at the Ludwig Erhard Prize for these endeavors. Almost completed was this series by the 1st place at the regional Quality Award 2010 and the Ludwig Erhard Prize 2012.

Here you can read more about our prizes and awards.

New Building, Move, and Extension

In 1999, the company building existing at that time turned out to be too small. The old location in Berlin was consequently closed and a new building with ultra-modern technology was established on our own property in Strausberg. In this new building, all departments were logistically linked to guarantee efficient process flows.

Due to significant sales increases and newly employed personnel, the company building erected in 1999 again turned out to be too small and was thus extended in 2014. Shortly thereafter, Allresist installed a new roof-top photovoltaic system in 2015 to reduce the sales-related increase in energy costs considerably. Since 2017, Allresist is planning a new building extension for 2018. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on November 15, 2017, one month after our 25th company anniversary.

Certified Quality Management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System according to 14001

In the course of its development, Allresist continuously improved the quality management system and was successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2001. Allresist is certified since 2017 according to the new standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

As chemical production facility, we are aware of particular obligation for a healthy environment. From the beginning, a responsible and environment-friendly use of resources and the voluntary replacement of environmentally hazardous agents was lived politics for us. Based upon this idea, we implemented environmental management into our already existing quality management system in 2011. Since 2013, we are Environmental Partner of the Federal State of Brandenburg. Allresist contributes to CO2 savings and climate protection with a photovoltaic system which was installed in 2015.

Maintaining a successful course

Further, important developments took place in 2006 and 2007. With the establishment of a data base system it was possible to combine all operative routines and to display all workflows in real-time, without redundancies or parallel paper work. All staff members work with high motivation and creativity in order to optimise these processes.

This remodeling fueled the implementation of our company strategy and the development of our new vision „100 years of Allresist“. This development is accompanied by the introduction of the EFQM-model, leading to a „business of excellence“.