Allresist presents Medusa 82 at the MNE 2019 in Rhodes

Just as in the previous years, Allresist was represented at the MNE congress with a prestigious booth. This year’s MNE was guided by the motto „Going Nano in Homer’s Land“ – an excellent connecting point for our presentation since our new e-beam resist is named Medusa 82. Whenever Medusa, a figure from Greek mythology, looked at a human being, he turned into stone. Quite similarly, Medusa resist layers turn into stone (SiO2) upon irradiation.

Allresist’s managing director Matthias Schirmer illustrated in his presentation the advantages of Medusa resists in comparison to the only competitor product HSQ. Our resist is characterised by long durability without any loss of quality and a wide process window. Using grayscale lithography, Medusa 82 can considerably simplify the production of diffractive optical elements (DOEs). In addition, the resist is suitable for EUV lithography. We are happy to put together all results and information for you on request.

Our results with respect to Medusa were received with great interest, but also other resist developments like CSAR 62, Electra 92 and Phoenix 81 were interesting for many users. Most of the congress participants had already worked with at least one of our resists before and shared their findings with us. The MNE 2019 was thus a great success for us.

We invite all our customers and business partners to the MNE in Leuven, Belgium, from September 14 to 18, 2020, which will be hosted by the well-known IMEC company.

Pictures from the presentation

Painting of Medusa by Carlos Schwabe, 1895

MNE 2019 in Rhodes

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