Welcome at ALLRESIST

Welcome at ALLRESIST – the specialist for photo- & e-beam resists. ALLRESIST develops, produces and distributes resists for optical and electron beam lithography, as well as respective process chemicals associated with these resists for the fabrication of electronic components.

We offer

resists for all standard processes of photo- & e-beam- lithography, which are provided in large or small amounts. Short delivery times, small size trading units of ¼ litre, test samples, and a highly competent technical advice are part of our service offer. You can find our products here.

We develop

We develop special resists for sophisticated technologies. We also provide custom-built resists particularly designed according to your demands in close cooperation with our customers. You can find our products here.

Company Philosophy

Our team of ten highly qualified and committed staff members combines competence and engagement for innovation as part of our company’s philosophy: only completely satisfied customers bring about market success. You can find more informations about our quality policy here.

Our know-how

Our experience in the development of photoresists is based upon a long tradition. As a spin-off deriving from the „Fotochemische Werke Berlin“ (Photochemical Factories Berlin) we are able to refer to results gained in more than 30 years of research activities. The Allresist company was founded on October 16, 1992. You can find more informations about our scientific project work here.

Partners and Link

The ALLRESIST GmbH represents a link between research institutes and semiconductor industry, due to a tight combination of research activities with production. This fact is highly appreciated by our cooperation partners in science and industry. Find more about our cooperations here.