AR-P 8100 (Phoenix 81)

Polyphthalaldehydes (PPA) are thermally structurable resists which were mainly developed for tSPL applications with the NanoFrazor (SwissLitho AG). Key element of this device is a hot needle scanning the resist surface. With each tip, the thermally sensitive PPA evaporates, thereby transferring the desired structures into the layer. Both 10 nm-lines as well as sophisticated three-dimensional structures can be written in this way.

The NanoFrazor technology allows writing structures without vacuum conditions. Due to the specific technology, it is also possible to set up the device in a clean laboratory. A cleanroom is required for the coating the substrates with resist Phoenix 81. The write speed of the NanoFrazor is comparable to the speed of simple electron beam devices for the realization of high-resolution structures.

Structuring by means of e-beam lithography, photolithography and laser lithography is also possible. CSAR 62 (AR-P 6200) and PMMA copolymer AR-P 610 are also suitable for thermal structuring (NanoFrazor).

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