Exclusion of liability

No warranty is made with respect to the correctness, completeness, up-to-datedness, or quality of data and information provided on these internet pages. We exclude any liability for any damage of a material or immaterial kind, that is caused by the use of data presented here or the use of inaccurate or incomplete information, provided that no provably intentional or grossly negligent fault on the part of the Allresist exists. All data and our range of products presented on these internet pages are subject to alteration without notice and are not legally binding. We explicitly reserve the right to alter or delete parts of the internet pages or the whole presentation without separate announcement or to cease publication at times or finally.


In the case of direct or indirect references to Web pages (“links“) belonging to other parties which lie outside the area of our responsibility, an obligation of liability would only come into effect in the event that we had knowledge of the contents and that it would be technically possible and reasonable for us to prevent usage in the event of illegal contents. We herewith explicitly declare that we have no influence on the arrangement and contents of the pages linked/integrated with our homepage. We explicitly distance ourselves from the contents of all the linked/integrated pages and exclude any liability. At the time of setting up the links, no illegal contents could be discerned on the pages to which links were being made. Furthermore, the mention or not mention of a link or the order thereof represents no valuation or devaluation. The provider of the page to which the reference is made, not the person who merely makes reference through links to the respective publication, is solely liable the contents and in particular for damage which arises from the use or non-use of presented information of such a kind. These aforementioned restriction applies also to all entries by other people in guest books, discussion forums, mailing lists, reports, and comments set up by us.

Copy Rights/Trademark Law

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Last update 1. Juni 2018