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On this page, you will find short information on Special manufacture/Experimental sample.

X AR-P 3220/7temperature-/ plasma etching stable thick resist
SX AR-P 3500/6positive photoresist for holography (488 nm)
SX AR-P 3500/8thermostable positive photoresist
SX AR-P 3740/4positive photoresist, highly process-stable, high contrast
SX AR-N 4340/7thermostable negative resist up to 270 °C for 1- and 2-layer systems
SX AR-PC 5000/22protective coating for spray application, smooth surface
SX AR-PC 5000/40protective coating 40% KOH- and 50% HF-resistant
SX AR-PC 5000/80.2polyimide photoresist, protective coating for 2 L-patterning
SX AR-P 5000/82.7polyimide photoresist, structurable and temperature-stable
SX AR-N 7530/1white light e-beam resist like AR-N 7520, suitable for the 210 - 290 nm range
X AR-N 7700/30highly sensitive, highest resolution CA negative e-beam resist
SX AR-N 7730/1white light e-beam resist like AR-N 7700, suitable for the 210 - 290 nm range