Products Photoresist

On this page, you will find short information on Photoresists.

AR-P 1200 – AR-N 2200spray resist, var. applications
AR-P 3100high resolution, adhesion-enhanced
AR-P 3200thick resist with high dimen. accuracy up to 100 μm
AR-P 3500 (T)wide process range, high resolution, developable in 0.26 n TMAH
AR-P 3700, 3800highest resolution, sub-μm, 3840 dyed
AR-U 4000optinally pos. or neg., lift off
AR-N 4200highly sensitive, high resolution
AR-N 4300highest sensitivity, high resolution, CAR
AR-N 4400 (CAR 44)thick films up to 100, 50, 20, 10 μm, easy removal
AR-PC 503 and 504(0)protective coating, 40% KOH etch-stable
AR-P 5300undercut structures single layer lift-off)
AR-BR 5400bottom resist for 2L lift-off
AR-P 5900positive resist, alkali-resistant up to pH 14