Resist of the month April 2019: Phoenix 81 – Mix & Match with Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL) and Laser Direct Writing using a NanoFrazor

Allresist developed Phoenix 81 (AR-P 8100) within the scope of a Eurostars project together with SwissLitho AG and other partners. SwissLitho recently added a laser direct writer to the NanoFrazor device (see Fig. 1). It is thus now possible to produce even complicated structures like e.g. single electron transistors (SET) cost-effectively. SETs consist of very small structures of a few nanometres and comparatively large details with a size of a few 10 μm (see Fig. 2).

The nanometre structures are written with the NanoFrazor, the large areas are exposed with the laser. Using a laser shortens the writing time many times over. Phoenix 81 was optimised in such a way that not only the hot NanoFrazor needle but also laser light is able to remove the resist layer.

Fig. 1 NanoFrazor with added laser device

Fig. 2  Production of a SET

This extends the range of possible applications of Phoenix 81. Meanwhile, we received several requests for larger quantities from customers who already use a NanoFrazor in the serial production of electronic components. We have accordingly adjusted our synthesis possibilities to meet this increased demand.

This was reason enough for us to choose Phoenix 81 as resist of the month of April.

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