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43rd Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Allresist with view to the future
2. Investing in novel technologies
3. Structurable conductive layers
4. CSAR 62 – great demand around the world

42nd Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke visits Allresist in times of Covid-19
2. Higher shelf live and more sensitive HSQ-alternative Medusa 82 for grayscale
3. Medusa for UV lithography
4. Thermally structurable resists

41st issue of the AR NEWS

1. 27 years of Allresist – firmly established on the world market
2. Allresist successful on the congresses Triple Beam (EIPBN 2019) and MNE 2019
3. Medusa 82 for e-beam graytone lithography
4. Resist structures for the spin Hall effect