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July 2021: CAR 44 for galvanic molding

The successful evaluation of our development at one of our largest customers was the reason for us to select AR-N 4400-50 as resist of the month of July.

43rd Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Allresist with view to the future
2. Investing in novel technologies
3. Structurable conductive layers
4. CSAR 62 – great demand around the world

April 2021: CSAR 62 – In demand around the world

Resist CSAR 62 is meanwhile established worldwide, with continuously increasing demands. Since we manufacture the polymer by ourselves, we had to scale up polymer synthesis. First of all, CSAR 62 made the jump from laboratory scale to a 20-liter trailer.

42nd Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke visits Allresist in times of Covid-19
2. Higher shelf live and more sensitive HSQ-alternative Medusa 82 for grayscale
3. Medusa for UV lithography
4. Thermally structurable resists

41st issue of the AR NEWS

1. 27 years of Allresist – firmly established on the world market
2. Allresist successful on the congresses Triple Beam (EIPBN 2019) and MNE 2019
3. Medusa 82 for e-beam graytone lithography
4. Resist structures for the spin Hall effect