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49th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Allresist at the “8th Thermal Probe Workshop“ of Heidelberg Instruments Nano AG
2. From PPA powder to liquid resist: Phoenix 81
3. Medusa 84 SiH – SX AR-N 8400: Market launch has begun
4. Our current environmental activities: another tree-planting event!

Donation for completed customer surveys

Thank you very much for your participation in our customer survey. Your support is essential to us to improve our products and services! Therefore, we transferred 200 € to the Save the Children charity organisation.

48th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Allresist on the MNE 2023 in Berlin
2. Medusa 84 SiH – SX AR-N 8400, another alternative to HSQ with better properties
3. Rubin project – waveguide materials for the NIR/VIS range
4. Successful introduction of the new Electra 92
5. Coloured and fluorescent resists for optical applications

47th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. On February 20, Allresist received an important IHK certificate for exemplary CO2 balance
in determining their carbon footprint on the path to climate neutrality
2. Allresist awarded as “Employer of the Future” on March 15
3. EOS 72: Our new, highly sensitive and alkali-resistant e-beam resist
4. New ZIM project – Photoresists for concave and convex surfaces
5. Allresist represented again at the EIPBN and MNE congresses

January 2023: Standard resist AR-P 3510 – 30 years on the world market

Right from the beginning, the idea of sustainability was firmly anchored in the philosophy of our young company. One of the first advanced developments of Allresist was the replacement of teratogenic solvents in the positive photoresist AR-P 351 with safer solvents. This is how the standard resist AR-P 3510 was created, in which the excellent lithographic properties of AR-P 351 were retained, but the resist was now significantly less dangerous to health for the user.