Great success with Medusa 82 at the MNE

Once again Allresist participated in the MNE with a large, attractive booth and new innovations. As in past years, the interest of the conference participants in our diverse new developments was great. The absolute highlight however was the introduction of our Medusa 82, an excellent alternative to HSQ resists.

Resist of the Month July: Medusa 82 – the alternative to HSQ-resists

Our research team successfully developed a negative resist with high resolution and plasma etching stability in oxygen. Already with the first samples, it was possible to achieve the properties of HSQ.

Allresist at the EIPBN 2018 Conference in Puerto Rico

Allresist attended the “triple-beam” conference EIPBN 2018 for the first time. Matthias Schirmer and Dr. Christian Kaiser answered many inquiries at the exhibition stand, especially questions regarding electron beam resists.

37th issue of the AR NEWS


1. Our building extension is progressing
2. Allresist at the congresses Triple Beam (EIPBN 2018) and MNE 2018
3. Atlas 46 variants for a selective two-layer build-up
4. Fluorescent resists for optics and sensors with Atlas 46 S
5. Medusa 82 – a resist turning into “stone” structures
6. New protective coating for KOH/HF etchings – BlackProtect SX AR-PC 5000/41

Resist of the month of April: Fluorescent negative photoresist Atlas 46 S

These poly(phthalaldehydes) are also suitable for electron beam lithography and for the fabrication of 200 nm thick fibers (electrospinning). The material produced from these threads evaporates immediately upon heating, which offers interesting application possibilities.

Resist of the month January: SU 8 alternative – negative photoresist Atlas 46

The outstanding properties of SU-8 are well known to all users of microsystem technologies. Allresists new negative resist Atlas 46 S (solid) can easily be processed with high reproducibility of all properties and with high restistance of resist structures to all commonly used solvents. Atlas 46 S is thus perfectly suitable for all applications in which the layer is intended to remain permanently and resistively on the substrate.

Zeitungsartikel zu 25 Jahren Allresist

Das 25-jährige Bestehen feierte das Team der Allresist GmbH im Rahmen einer großen Feierlichkeit. Zu diesem Anlass haben die regionalen Zeitungen ausführliche Berichte über das erfolgreiche Unternehmen veröffentlicht.

36th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. 25 years of Allresist – a success story also of resist development
2. Allresist at the MNE Conference with Atlas 46
3. New innovative product developments
3.1. Fluorescent and coloured resists for optics and sensor technologies
3.2. Thick(er) CSAR 62 for the production of deep etch pits
3.3. CSAR 62 in three-layer systems for the generation of T-gates

25 years of Allresist – A reason to celebrate!

In the quarter century of its existence, the Allresist Company established a solid place on the world market and an excellent reputation among its customers. We thus appropriately celebrated our company anniversary on 16 October 2017 with a festive event!