Innovative new development at the MNE 2017

Allresist participated in the conference as a “silver sponsor” with an own large stand and presented many remarkable new developments. A particular highlight was our scientific poster on our new development AR-N 4600 (now Atlas 46) and the lecture by Dr. Gerngroß about this interesting negative photoresist.

35th special issue of the AR NEWS

1. Allresist is planning a new building extension again in the 25th year of its existence
2. New innovative product developments
3. Scientific partnerships for the MNE 2017

Resist of the month of October: Fluorescent resist structures with SX AR-P 672.08

Fluorescent structures are needed for optical components and in microscopy. In close collaboration with Precision Optics Gera GmbH we now achieved to add fluorescent dyes to PMMA e-beam resists on anisole basis which subsequently could be structured by electron beam lithography.

34th issue of the AR NEWS

1. Allresist plans another building extension the in the 25th year of its existence
2. New sales partners
3. Thermally developable positive resist “Phoenix 81“
4. Negative photoresist “Atlas 46“– our effective alternative to SU-8
5. Positive CAR e-beam resist “EOS 72“– our response to FEP 171
6. 25 years of Allresist

Resist of the month April – Thermally developable positive resist Phoenix 81

These poly(phthalaldehydes) are also suitable for electron beam lithography and for the fabrication of 200 nm thick fibers (electrospinning). The material produced from these threads evaporates immediately upon heating, which offers interesting application possibilities.

Allresist now offers many solvents in lightweight HDPE bottles

Many solvents and process chemicals will become “lighter” in the future. Allresist now offers these products in HDPE instead of glass bottles.

Resist of the month January 2017: Optimised negative spray resist AR-N 2200

Spray resist AR-N 2220 is the only ready-to-use negative resist worldwide. This eliminates the need for the time-consuming and inaccurate mixing of a resist with solvents.

33rd issue of the AR NEWS

1. 24th anniversary of Allresist
2. Allresist as silver sponsor at MNE 2016 in Vienna
3. News about CSAR 62 and Electra 92
4. Optimised T-gate structures with three-layer system of PMMA, copolymer 617, and CSAR 62
5. New developers for PMMAcoMA (AR-P 617, 50 kV)
6. New lab and new rotary evaporator for production

Resist of the month October 2016: Optimised T-gate structures with three-layer system PMMA, copolymer 617 and CSAR 62

T-gates are required for the manufacture of high-quality transistors. Allresist optimised several three-layer systems for this particular application and designed both universal developers for a single development step, as well as individual developers which are suitable to develop each one of the three layers specifically.

Resist of the month July 2016: Negative PMMA resist for photolithography

Sensitive substrates do not tolerate aqueous-alkaline developers. For such cases, X AR-N 4800/16 was developed already several years ago. While this resist met all the demands placed on it, only a layer build up to 70 % with moderate sensitivity was possible.