Resist of the month October 2016: Optimised T-gate structures with three-layer system PMMA, copolymer 617 and CSAR 62

T-gates are required for the manufacture of high-quality transistors. Allresist optimised several three-layer systems for this particular application and designed both universal developers for a single development step, as well as individual developers which are suitable to develop each one of the three layers specifically.

Resist of the month July 2016: Negative PMMA resist for photolithography

Sensitive substrates do not tolerate aqueous-alkaline developers. For such cases, X AR-N 4800/16 was developed already several years ago. While this resist met all the demands placed on it, only a layer build up to 70 % with moderate sensitivity was possible.

Resist of the month January 2016: Electra 92 has now gone into production!

Electra 92 has passed its baptism of fire by the users very well, and an increasingly large number of satisfied customers provided positive feedbacks with respect to the excellent properties of resist AR-PC 5090.02.

Resist of the month Juli 2015: Process-adapted two-layer resist AR-BR 5460

The bottom resist AR-BR 5460 has already been used for a decade in combination with positive (e.g. AR-P 3510) or negative resists (e.g. AR-N 4340) for a large variety of lift-off applications.

Resist of the month April 2015: High-sensitivity negative resist AR-N 4400-10

The negative resist AR-N 4400-10 was structured with a laser direct imaging system at an exposure wavelength of 405 nm. The figures below show different arrays with column diameters varying from 5 to 50 µm.

Resist of the month January 2015: High temperature-resistant positive resist

After the successful development of negative resist SX AR-N 4340/7 which is temperature-stable up to 350 °C, we can now in addition offer a temperature-resistant positive variant called SX AR-PC 3500/8. This resist may be exposed and ..

Resist of the month October 2014: Safer solvent

The protective coating AR-PC 504 has proven itself successful many times for our customers in the past six years. Layers of this polymer reliably protect substrates against concentrated bases and acids.

Resist of the month July 2014: Electra 92

Allresist developed a novel polymer based on polyaniline in cooperation with the IDM e.V., Teltow. The new conductive protective coating SX AR-PC 5000/90.2 was already presented in issue 28 of the AR NEWS.

Resist of the Month Archive: April 2014

We already reported in April 2013 on the CSAR 62 within the scope of our “Resist of the month”. After a fast development phase, sales of this new electron beam resist started in May.