Alkaline developers for aluminium substrates

Some of our customers use alkali-sensitive aluminium substrates. This leads to problems if the metal surface should not be etched in this process.

New developer for AR-P 5320

In our product information, we recommend developer AR 300-26 for the development of AR-P 5320, our positive photoresist for lift-off applications. A few users however prefer to work with MIF-developers.

Adhesive strength of AR 300-80

In order to prevent the above described stripping of the PMMA layer from the wafer, the use of adhesion promoters is strongly recommended. Helpful is also a tempering of the wafers at maximum temperature (if possible > 200°C)

Positive polyimide one-layer resist

Polyimides are produced by polycondensation of tetracarboxylic dianhydrides and diamines. For highest thermal strain only polyimides are suitable which contain aromatic building blocks in the polymer chain.

Ageing of developer

Aqueous-alkaline developers are subjected to ageing, due to an uptake of CO 2 from the air. Buffered aqueous-alkaline developers ( AR 300-26, -35 ) are more stable in this respect than developers of the AR 300-40 -series containing TMAH.