Atlas 46 for e-beam lithography

A new application field for Atlas 46 is electron beam lithography, as experiments with a thin Atlas resist layer patterned by e-beam lithography demonstrated. At a layer thickness of 450 nm, 200 nm lines were written into this layer. The sensitivity was 70 μC/cm² at an acceleration voltage of 100 kV.

Fluorescent resist structures with photoresists

Photoresists can also be used to incorporate fluorescent dyes. Particularly negative-tone photoresists are of interest in this regard, since the use of selected fluorescent dyes allows defining an adjustable emission in variable wavelength ranges. Resist layers with violet, blue, yellow, orange, or red fluorescence were produced by embedding the respective dyes into the negative-working Atlas 46 S resist.

Atlas 46 for nanoimprint lithography

The new development Atlas 46 could also be successfully used for nanoimprinting (University of Wuppertal, working group of Prof. Scheer). In a first step, nanostructures were produced with the negative-working resist