Resist of the month of April: Fluorescent negative photoresist Atlas 46 S

For the fabrication of optical scales like e.g. in night vision devices, the use of the fascinating possibilities of fluorescence is one option. Several customer requests in this respect have prompted us to add fluorescent dyes to high-quality resists such as Atlas 46 S (which is an effective alternative to SU-8). The subsequent structuring of these resists turned out to be easy, and it was even possible to first produce structures of one color (e.g. blue) and then coat and pattern these structures with Atlas 46 S of a different color (e.g. red; see Image 1 for the results).

Three examples with double-colored Allresist LOGOs are shown in the following pictures:


Image 1: Blue and red (SX AR-N 8523-05 & 8521-05)


Image 2: Blue and orange (SX AR-N 8523-05 & 8526-05)


Image 3: Green and yellow (SX AR-N 8522-05 & 8525-05)

As already described before, Allresist has created a very good alternative to SU-8 with Atlas 46 S. A second variant of this resist, Atlas 46 R, can easily be removed after processing. The third variant of Atlas 46 can be exposed at a wavelength of > g-line (436 nm) and thus allows the selective construction of multilayers (see Resist of the month of January).

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