Resist of the month April – Thermally developable positive resist Phoenix 81

The Eurostars project „PPA-Litho“ will be successfully completed this year. Aim of this project was to synthesise poly(phthalaldehydes) (PPAs) which are suitable for a thermal structuring with NanoFrazor technologies (see AR NEWS 32nd and 33rd issue). Properties and quality of the PPAs have meanwhile been perfected to such an extent that resist patterns can be designed. These thermally patternable resists are offered under the designation AR-P 8100. Meeting the demands of a use with NanoFrazor devices, mainly small container sizes of 10 and 30 ml are offered.

But these poly(phthalaldehydes) are also suitable for electron beam lithography and for the fabrication of 200 nm thick fibers (electrospinning). The material produced from these threads evaporates immediately upon heating, which offers interesting application possibilities. The product name “Phoenix” is ​​derived from this particular property; the bird dies and turns to ash befor it is reborn. In contrast to Greek mythology however, no new resist arises from the evaporated residues.

This highly interesting product development „Phoenix 81“ has prompted us to present it as resist of the month.


16 nm line with e-beam lithography AR-P 8100



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