Resist of the month January 2017: Optimised negative spray resist AR-N 2200

Negative spray resist AR-N 2200 – optimised on EVG®150 spray coater

Spray resist AR-N 2220 is the only ready-to-use negative resist worldwide. This eliminates the need for the time-consuming and inaccurate mixing of a resist with solvents. In close cooperation with the EV Group in Schärding, AR-N 2220 was optimized on the spray coater EVG®150. The results showed that the 150 µm deep cavities were well coated, in particular the sensitive edges. The surface was smooth, and no resist beads occurred. The negative resist furthermore has the advantage that undercut profiles (image 2) for lift-off processes can be adjusted. Meanwhile, EVG uses this resist as standard resist.


Coated and structured silicon cavities


Undercut resist profile for lift-off processes

These promising results were the reason why we selected the negative spray resist AR-N 2220 as resist of the month January. We will gladly provide further results and information.

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