Resist of the month of October: Fluorescent resist structures with SX AR-P 672.08

Fluorescent structures are needed for optical components and in microscopy. In close collaboration with Precision Optics Gera GmbH we now achieved to add fluorescent dyes to PMMA e-beam resists on anisole basis which subsequently could be structured by electron beam lithography. Such structures with intense green-yellow or red fluorescence are shown in the images below.


Figure 1: Green-yellow fluorescence with SX AR-P 672.08/1


Figure 2: Red fluorescence with SX AR-P 672.08/2

The brilliant fluorescent PMMA resists will be presented at this year’s MNE conference in Portugal. First resist samples for own tests will shortly be available under the designation SX AR-P 672.08/1 for green-yellow and SX AR-P 672.08/2 for red fluorescence.

The successful results of these fluorescence products convinced us to choose both coatings as resists of the month of October.

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