Coloured negative photoresists

Coloured resist structures are mainly required in optical industry and in analytics. FUJIFILM offers red, blue and green coloured acrylate-based negative resists. These resists however contain colour pigments with a size of a few hundred nm, which limits resolution and edge sharpness. In addition, organic solvents have to be used as developers.

Figure 1: Colour filter array with coloured negative resists

Allresist now also offers colored negative resists with the designation SX AR-N 8350. The difference to FUJIFILM resists is that only dyes and no pigments are dissolved in the resists. This allows to achieve a high resolution and high edge sharpness. Since here a slightly modified negative resist is used as the base resist for „normal“ photolithography, development is possible with common aqueous alkaline developers.

Figure 2: AR logo in different colours

Figure 3: Poster MNE 2017