CSAR 62 single layer lift-off system

With our new development e-beam resist AR-P 6200 (CSAR 62), very fine structures like e.g. 10 nm wide trenches can be manufactured with very high contrast (> 14) and comparably high sensitivity.

Fig. 1: Max. resolution of CSAR 62 of 10 nm (180 nm).

For the writing of 10 nm wide trenches at a layer thickness of 180 nm, only an exposure dose (dose to clear) of 220 pC/cm was required (30 keV, developer AR 600-546). Due to the proximity effect, narrow trenches in the same size range with defined undercut can be created if a 1.5 – 2 times higher exposure dose is used.

Fig. 2: Undercut structures due to increased exposure dose