CSAR 62 single layer lift-off system

With our new development e-beam resist AR-P 6200 (CSAR 62), very fine structures like e.g. 10 nm wide trenches can be manufactured with very high contrast (> 14) and comparably high sensitivity.

Fig. 1: Max. resolution of CSAR 62 of 10 nm (180 nm).

For the writing of 10 nm wide trenches at a layer thickness of 180 nm, only an exposure dose (dose to clear) of 220 pC/cm was required (30 keV, developer AR 600-546). Due to the proximity effect, narrow trenches in the same size range with defined undercut can be created if a 1.5 – 2 times higher exposure dose is used.

Fig. 2: Undercut structures due to increased exposure dose

Addition 03/2018

Results Prof. Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USA

CSAR 62 (AR-P 6200.09) was coated at 4000rpm and exposed with 30kV by a Raith SEBL system. Lines with variable distance were generated in the range of von 400 nm up to bis zu 1000 nm. In order to avoid electrostatic charge, Electra 92 was used as top layer. Layer thickness 190nm, developer AR 600-546, development time 60s, stopper IPA. The developed resist architectures were evaluated in the REM.