Developer for CSAR 62 (AR-P 6200)

For a development of exposed CSAR 62 resist films generally performed by immersion development with development times of approximately 30-60 seconds, developers AR 600-546, 600-548 and 600-549 are well suited.

As weakest developer, AR 600-546 can be utilised universally and enables to achieve a very high contrast of more than 14. This developer does not attack unexposed areas. Even after a development time of 10 minutes, no significant dark erosion is observed. Developer AR 600-546 is furthermore very well suited for the development of thick CSAR 62 layers up to 2 µm. The medium-strength developer AR 600-549 results in a doubling of the sensitivity as compared to AR 600-546. Likewise, no dark erosion occurs with this developer and the contrast reaches a value of about 4.

If the strongest developer AR 600-548 is used, the sensitivity can be increased sixfold to less than 10 μC/cm² with a contrast of approximately 3. Developer AR 600-548 attacks unexposed resist areas at 22°C already within two minutes considerably. A reduction of the development bath temperature to about 3°C effectively reduces the dark erosion, results however at the same time in a loss of sensitivity.