Allresist at the MNE and Semicon

Allresist is also represented at exhibitions and congresses throughout the year. Take the opportunity and visit us! MNE 2017 in Braga, Portugal (18. – 21. September 2017) Semicon Europe 2017 in Munich (14. – 17. November 2017).
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Allresist’s new products are waiting in the wings

In our 25th year of existence, the R&D department is developing three brand-new products which might be of interest to our customers: The thermally developable positive resist "Phoenix 81", "Atlas 46", an alternative to SU-8, Positive CAR e-beam resist "EOS 72".
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Allresist now offers many solvents in lightweight HDPE bottles

Many solvents and process chemicals will become "lighter" in the future. Allresist now offers these products in HDPE instead of glass bottles. Only aromatics like thinners AR 600-01, AR 600-02, and X AR 300-74/1 are still provided in glass bottles, covered by an EPS-box for reasons of resistance.
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