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45th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Ukraine at war: We also bear responsibility
2. COVID-19: An endless story?
3. Allresist again present at congresses
4. Eco-friendly “green” PMMA developer
5. Profit project of the State of Brandenburg QD-LED
6. Allresist has planted trees

Forays through the lithography of microelectronics (Matthias Schirmer)

Due to the fast-paced development of photolithography since the 1990s, only a short summary of the different techniques and applications can be given here. For in-depth information on the multitude of facts, technologies and procedures presented in each chapter, the added references should be consulted.

Customer information Corona virus

The novel corona virus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly across national borders. So far, the operational processes of Allresist GmbH have hardly been affected. We strive to meet our customers’ requirements as best we can in this tense situation and to minimize the impact on our operational processes as much as possible. The focus is on protecting our colleagues and our customers.

January 2020: Black resist SX AR-N 8355/7

Optically dense resists play an increasingly important role in industry. So-called black resists are required in optical industry, in automotive industry (for headlights) and in the manufacture of rotary encoders.

Oktober 2019: Medusa 82 UV

Medusa 82 UV was already chosen as resist of the month in January 2019. Back then, we highly appreciated the first results for a use as photoresist. Shown are now results with respect to an application in grayscale lithography which were also presented at the MNE 2019 in Greece.

40th issue of the AR NEWS

1. 27 years of Allresist – firmly established on the world market
2. Allresist successful on the congresses Triple Beam (EIPBN 2019) and MNE 2019
3. Medusa 82 for e-beam graytone lithography
4. Resist structures for the spin Hall effect

Allresist presents Medusa 82 at the MNE 2019 in Rhodes

Just as in the previous years, Allresist was represented at the MNE congress with a prestigious booth. This year’s MNE was guided by the motto “Going Nano in Homer’s Land” – an excellent connecting point for our presentation since our new e-beam resist is named Medusa 82.