July 2022: Our resist triplet of the month – presented at the Triple-Beam (EIPBN 2022)

After the corona-related merely online possible presence in the past two years, Allresist finally again took part live at the EIPBN in New Orleans, and we experienced a high interest in our resists at our booth.

45th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Ukraine at war: We also bear responsibility
2. COVID-19: An endless story?
3. Allresist again present at congresses
4. Eco-friendly “green” PMMA developer
5. Profit project of the State of Brandenburg QD-LED
6. Allresist has planted trees

April 2022: New environmentally friendly developer for PMMA resists AR 600-57

Exceptionally we present a new PMMA developer in the “Resist of the month” section today, because its potential possibilities will probably also inspire our users. This developer is a mixture of isopropanol and water – which may sound surprising at first, since both components individually do not attack PMMA layers.

Allresist supports Ukraine

We strongly condemn Putin’s brutal war of aggression. He brings untold suffering to the people of Ukraine.

Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg for Brigitte and Matthias Schirmer

On January 28, 2022, Brigitte and Matthias Schirmer were awarded the Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg by Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke. This extraordinarily high award for special achievement recognizes their work and in particular their commitment to sustainability. From the very beginning, it was of particular importance for the Schirmer couple to implement not only economic success, but with equal importance social and ecological aspects in their newly founded company Allresist.

January 2022: Versatile Phoenix 81 (AR-P 8100)

Phoenix 81 was developed as part of a Eurostar project in cooperation with Swisslitho AG (now Heidelberg Instruments Nano). Using a NanoFrazor and thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL), structures as small as 10 nm can be written by dipping a hot needle into the resist layer and evaporating the resist at the tip (see also AR NEWS, 42nd issue).

44th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Working in the times of Corona
2. More efficient manufacture of Electra 92
3. RUBIN – highly promising project in optical sensor technology
4. EOS 72, a chemically amplified positive e-beam resist
5. Contribution against climate changes: Allresist plants trees

October 2021: More efficient production of Electra 92

Many companies meanwhile use the conductivity of Electra layers for their processes and technologies. Since its introduction on the market in 2018, synthesis and processing of Electra have continuously been improved. The conductivity of this resist could for example be increased by a factor of five between 2018 and 2020.

July 2021: CAR 44 for galvanic molding

The successful evaluation of our development at one of our largest customers was the reason for us to select AR-N 4400-50 as resist of the month of July.

43rd Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Allresist with view to the future
2. Investing in novel technologies
3. Structurable conductive layers
4. CSAR 62 – great demand around the world