April 2023: E-beam PMMA resist AR-P 672.045 – the workhorse for electron beam lithography

Due to the high sales volume, AR-P 672.045 is our internal “market leader”. This resist is used by three major microchip manufacturers in France, Germany, and China. The consumption is thus steadily increasing, and meanwhile more than 300 liters of this resist are ordered annually.

January 2023: Standard resist AR-P 3510 – 30 years on the world market

Right from the beginning, the idea of sustainability was firmly anchored in the philosophy of our young company. One of the first advanced developments of Allresist was the replacement of teratogenic solvents in the positive photoresist AR-P 351 with safer solvents. This is how the standard resist AR-P 3510 was created, in which the excellent lithographic properties of AR-P 351 were retained, but the resist was now significantly less dangerous to health for the user.

Strategy workshop – we will not be available for you on January 13th, 2023!

We have our strategy workshop today and are working  as a team on how we can become even better for you! We will not be available but we will take care afterwards immediately on all inquiries and purchase orders.

Thank you for your understanding, Team Allresist

October 2022: Optimised Electra 92 – a new AR-PC 5092

We have now achieved a quality of aniline polymers that does not require the addition of isopropanol, which also increases the stability of AR-PC 5092 resist mixtures. Long-term tests demonstrated that the storage stability is significantly higher than with previous Electra variants.

46th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. 30 years of Allresist: Appreciation by Prime Minister Woidke
2. Allresist on the EIPBN in New Orleans
3. Further improved Electra 92 – new AR-PC 5092
4. Allresist on the MNE in Leuven
5. Rubin-project – waveguide materials for the NIR/VIS-range
6. Allresist determines its CO2 footprint

30 years Allresist

This anniversary is a special highlight for us, now looking back on 30 years of a very successful company history in which we have been able to implement our vision of an ecologically sustainable, but still economical resists production step by step.

July 2022: Our resist triplet of the month – presented at the Triple-Beam (EIPBN 2022)

After the corona-related merely online possible presence in the past two years, Allresist finally again took part live at the EIPBN in New Orleans, and we experienced a high interest in our resists at our booth.

45th Issue of the AR NEWS

1. Ukraine at war: We also bear responsibility
2. COVID-19: An endless story?
3. Allresist again present at congresses
4. Eco-friendly “green” PMMA developer
5. Profit project of the State of Brandenburg QD-LED
6. Allresist has planted trees

April 2022: New environmentally friendly developer for PMMA resists AR 600-57

Exceptionally we present a new PMMA developer in the “Resist of the month” section today, because its potential possibilities will probably also inspire our users. This developer is a mixture of isopropanol and water – which may sound surprising at first, since both components individually do not attack PMMA layers.

Allresist supports Ukraine

We strongly condemn Putin’s brutal war of aggression. He brings untold suffering to the people of Ukraine.