Resist of the month October 2014: Safer solvent

Resist of the month October 2014

A new safer solvent protective resist: SX AR-PC 5040/1

The protective coating AR-PC 504 has proven itself successful many times for our customers in the past six years. Layers of this polymer reliably protect substrates against concentrated bases and acids. This resist however containes chlorobenzene as solvent, which does, despite its very good solving properties, not meet all requirements with respect to health and environmental considerations.

Since the health protection of employees and customers takes precedence, our research team was looking for an improved solution and developed the new protective coating SX AR-PC 5040/1 with the safer solvent anisole as main component. Application properties of the new, improved protective coating are identical to those of the “old” AR PC 504.

Samples for first own testings are available as of now for interested customers. The previous protective coating AR-PC 504 will still be provided for some time for all customers who continue to use the chlorobenzene-based resist AR-PC 504 due to technology-related reasons.

This health and environmentally friendly development prompted us to select SX AR-PC 5040/1 as resist of the month October 2014. After completing final tests, the new coating (with the new designation AR-PC 5040) will become part of our standard product range in 2015.

Safer_Solvent_SXAR-PC 5040-1

Production of first samples of protective coating SX AR-PC 5040/1

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